Traffic Hurricane Strategy How to Get Steady Traffic

Traffic Hurricane Strategy How to Get Steady Traffic: ==> Join the Traffic Hurricane!

In this post, I’m going to specifically cover my exact Traffic Hurricane strategy and how to get steady traffic.  More specifically, how to get steady traffic that is free.  By free I mean using profits to keep purchasing more traffic.  More traffic means more business.  As marketers, we should always think about “how to reach more people” and I’m here to show you my Traffic Monsoon strategy and how you can do that with this exchange.


The first place I would start is the ad packs.  All daily profits are based on the daily sales of the company.  At this current point each ad pack is bringing in $1 per day through the rev share.  This is not a guarantee.  This is just what’s happening now as Traffic Hurricane is now getting over 3,000 new members every day.

Traffic Hurricane packages

I would use the profits from the daily rev share and your ad packs to purchase different Traffic Hurricane packages each week.  The particular package I would get would be determined by the number of ad packs I have.

So, if I have 10 ad packs that would bring in approximately $10 per day (based on current numbers and this is not a guarantee).  This would bring in $70 per week.  $50 would go to pick up a new ad pack each week.  I would then buy a $9 traffic package ($9 for 5000 clicks) and then withdraw the remaining amount accrued and start over the next week.

You will soon understand that this is truly the most interesting part of Traffic Hurricane … In fact, unless you have some Web content needed to be enhanced, it is clearly on the “profit sharing” aspect that it’s likely to earn more money! ?
The principle at Traffic Hurricane is very simple: Buy coupons or advertising “packages” for $50. Traffic Hurricane will then repay you your funds with an added-value of 10 % within 2 months (to be exact; 55 days). You may also earn some money every hour, and the overall daily remuneration amounts to $1 for every active package, which is 2 % of the value of your returned package to a maximum level of 110 %. Beyond $55 can be generated from every package, this has been simply wiped out. The proposed hourly remuneration contributes a fantastic leverage effect.

I currently have 20 ad packs and am bringing in roughly $20 per day.  $20 per day or $140 per week.  I pick up 2 ad packs during the week as Monday thru Friday profits are reserved for picking up ad packs.  Saturday I take the $20 and pick up the 10,000 clicks for $16 traffic package and then take the rest (approx. $24, which is $20 earned on Sunday and the remaining $4 on Saturday) and withdraw this cash.

The above plan is working for me and to date I have got over 70+ sign ups and that number only is increasing each day as my videos, blogs, and traffic all grow on a daily basis.  The ultimate goal is to obtain freedom.

Why not use Traffic Monsoon to create your own economy and retirement plan?

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A brief summary of Traffic Hurricane

  • Buy packages at $50
  • 10 ads to review each day
  • 1 dollar/package/ day over 55 days, amounts to 10 % of the value added.
  • Immediate payments on PayPal, Payza or Solid Trust Pay
  • A 10 % sponsorship commission on the first level
  • A Gmail address + 1 one account per IP

Traffic Hurricane is:

  • A means of achieving your financial independence!
  • A method to financially diversify!
  • A technique that makes you free!
  • A way to earn money while going for a walk with your family, while spending an evening at a restaurant, while you’re on your holidays, while you’re shopping and WHILE YOU ARE FAST ASLEEP ….

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Gui Ted