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Our solutions

Promote your Facebook page!

Hosted your documents online and

add downloads! (Pdf, Doc, Gif, etc)

Add video You Tube!


Our methods of broadcasts

Add a website, an advertisement in TopSite or TopAd, place your banners in rotation with the banner rotations campaigns.

Add a Facebook page , and display for a period of 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month …

Upload of Document (pdf, doc, zip, etc ..) and download by adding your credits ..

-Share websites and advertisements and earned credits based on the ranking of the site or ad ..

-Launch the bar Autosurf and earned 5 credits per site or ad visited ..

Add your videos YouTube in TopVideo ..

-Be also notified on Facebook when someone visit, download, and share your opportunities!

Be also notified of your advertising perfomance!


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Earn Credits

Share your activity you have the opportunity to earn credits and use them to increase your ranking in TopSite, TopAnnonce, TopVideo and obtain the benefits in terms of broadcast, but also to get clicks etc …
– the section earn credits that can earn you up to 30 credits per visit on a banner ad or + bonus opportunities send by email allowing you to earn up to 50 credits per visit.
– the voting section that allows you to win 5 credits per vote.
– the sharing section that allows you to earn 30 credits by sharing + bonus opportunities send by email allowing you to earn up to 40 credits per share.(Illustrate below)

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– the Surf bar where you can earn 5 credits per visit .
– the sponsorship which allows you to earn 20 credits for each click on your link and 800 credits at registration.
– If you do not have time for these settings, you also have the option to buy credits at a very low prices.

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