Toplink your viral tool to spread your referral links

 Make yours links viral!

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In this post i would like to introduce you a way to make yours links viral.

This way is called toplinks and you can use it in your netbusinessrating account.

– Your TopLink allows you to display on a page in your name your favorite sites in the maximum limit of 5.

– You simply need to indicate for each link: URL, site name and a banner (optional)

– Refer on 5 levels

– Your downline automatically broadcast on there TopLink the first site of your TopLink


In brief this Toplink is a viral tool to spread your referral links!



Your referrals are displaying your link number 1 so more you refer on NBR, more your links will be displayed. With 5 referral levels, every thing can go very quickly!


 > To broadcast your TopLink on a large scale :
– Send the link to your TopLink by mail to your friends.
– Post a link to your TopLink on the forums that you are using (and also put the link in your signature for example).
– Talk about your TopLink to everyone on your blog, for example, or on other blogs / sites.

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